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Postage Chronopost Chrono 18 Domicile France and Monaco

Postage Chronopost Chrono 18 Domicile France and Monaco

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Postage type:

  • Shipping label: Chrono 18 Chronopost Domicile Metropolitan France, Monaco
  • Delivery time 24 working hours, before 6 p.m. on the scheduled day
  • Options: Saturday delivery, handling supplement (non-mechanizable package)
  • Selection of a delivery instruction possible on the website after pick-up at the departure agency: Rescheduling of delivery to a specific date, Delivery to a neighbor, in a safe place, delivery to a Chronopost agency or at a nearby Relay point, the map of eligible points is displayed when the instruction is selected.
  • Volumetric weight selectable from drop-down list
  • Maximum dimensions and weight of admissible packages:

The volumetric weight is applicable to all Chronopost National home deliveries. You need to measure your package and calculate its volumetric weight. Here is the calculation to be made: (Length x Width x Height) / 5000 = volumetric weight. Round up to the nearest half kilogram.

Any deviation in volumetric weight or dimensions may be subject to additional invoicing or refusal to the departure agency, with no refund possible.

Minimum dimensions: 30 cm x 21 cm, minimum thickness of 3 cm or 200 grams

Maximum dimensions: the sum of the length + 2 heights + 2 widths must not exceed 300 cm, the length must not exceed 150 cm

Non-standard packages: in the event of an actual or volumetric weight greater than 30kg, and/or a length greater than 150cm and/or when the developed of the package is greater than 300cm, a supplement of €70 excluding VAT will be invoiced by Chronopost.

Non-mechanizable packages (handling supplement): packages due to their particular dimensions or shapes are subject to a handling supplement of €6 excluding VAT. These include packages with a length greater than 110cm, packages with an unstable shape. Please select this option if you are concerned.

Chronopost Chrono 18 is a service available in Metropolitan France, Monaco and Corsica. On the Isle of Beauty, a surcharge of €23 excluding VAT is applicable. To order postage to Corsica, please go to this page. There is no delivery in the French Overseas Territories. Saturday delivery is available for an additional €6 excluding VAT.

If you wish to combine both Saturday delivery and the handling supplement, or choose Ad Valorem insurance, please send us an email so that we can modify the service and the total amount to pay.

You can choose to print on site at our warehouse in Saint Michel (02830), at any relay or locker point in France offering this type of service, or send the label by email if you have a printer at home.

In the event of a problem with the delivery of your Chronopost parcel, you can contact their customer service on 0033 9 69 39 13 91, or contact us by responding to the order confirmation email.

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